About me

About me

Francesca Aiello

Hello, I am Francesca Aiello, Italian illustrator based in Madrid.

I can describe my illustrations as a combination of different techniques, both digital and traditional. I love experimenting; it gives me the opportunity to stay connected to myself and the world around me. My work is strongly influenced by minimalist writers such as Alice Munro and Raymond Carver. The fascination with intimate domestic space is the reason why I always build my illustrations around a narrative or character.

When I’m not drawing, I find peace in small joys. Sitting on a bench, I observe the lives of others, imagining the stories that unfold around me. Whether it's losing myself in a movie, or getting immersed in a good book with a captivating story, these moments of escape bring me immense peace.



Printmaking and engraving, School of Arts Artediez, Madrid -In Progress-

Higher Education on Illustration, School of Arts Artediez, Madrid

Master’s Degree in Architecture, University of Rome



2024 Shortlisted in the Livio Sossi Award

2024 Shortlisted in the Tapirulan Illustrators Contest

2023 Winner of International contest “Italian Excellence. Illustrations for Italo Calvino” organized by Bologna Children’s Book Fair

2023 Shortlisted in the Opera Prima Prize, section of BolognaRagazzi Award “BRAW”

2022 Shortlisted in the Apila Award

2021 Longlisted in The Unpublished Picturebook Showcase 3

2021 Honorable Mention in the 3×3 The Magazine of Contemporary Illustration International Show No. 18

2021 Shortlisted in the Bologna Children’s Book Fair

2021 Shortlisted in the Apila Award

2020 First Prize in the Apim New Talent Award

2020 First Prize in the Madrid Fine Art Award



La lista, by Isabella Paglia - la Margherita Edizioni, 2025

Ogni cosa al suo posto - Macadamia Edizioni, - Coming soon: Available from autumn 2024-

Tandem, AA. VV. - Tapirulan, 2024

Una splendida giornata, by Silvia Forti – la Margherita Edizioni , 2024

Eccellenze italiane. Figure per Italo Calvino, AA.VV. – Mondadori, 2023

Il paese di Tic Tac, by Isabella Paglia – la Margherita Edizioni, 2023

I libri del signor Caprone, by Francesca Mascheroni – la Margherita Edizioni, 2022

Canción novísima de los gatos, by Federico García Lorca –burro lector, 2022



Laboratoi/RE, Foundation of Culture of Vaud, University of Wageningen, burro lector, la Margherita Edizioni, Macadamia Edizioni.



2024 XIX Mostra internazionale di illustratori contemporanei, Associazione Tapirulan

2023 Italian Excellence. Illustrations for Italo Calvino, Bologna Children’s Book Fair

2023 The BRAW Amazing Bookshelf, Bologna Children’s Book Fair

2023 ENCUENTRAZOS, Exhibition of finalist projects from Apila’s Award

2021 Illustrators Exhibition, Bologna Children’s Book Fair

2016 Exhibition in collaboration with Swiss photographer Amélie Blanc for “Fondation Vaudoise pour la Culture” , Switzerland

2015 Exhibition “1+1” , Switzerland



I libri del Signor Caprone, LiBeR 142 - Schede Novità: Albi e Racconti Illustrati

Anuario Iberoamericano sobre el Libro Infantil y Juvenil 2023, fundación SM

Una splendida giornata, Maremosso Magazine Feltrinelli

Una splendida giornata, Avvenire

Una splendida giornata, Il Rosicchialibri

I nuovi colori di Calvino, Corriere della Sera

Nel paese della fretta c’è anche chi può perdere tempo, Avvenire

I consigli di lettura di Laura Campanello, la Cicala

I libri del Signor Caprone, Il Rosicchialibri

I libri del Signor Caprone, ZeBuk

Premios Apim 2020, eme21mag

Conoce a los ganadores de los Premios APIM De Ilustración 2020, Experimenta